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PS 0401/ PS 0129
Uses fo Computer and Technology in Vocational and Technical Education


This course aims to develop student teachers’ ability to use computers and technology to enhance the learning of technical and to improve the process of human learning


1. The use of fundamentals and management of instructional, computer and technologies for instruction, simulation, expressing ideas, recording, analysing, information-transfer and communication.
2. Graphic production and authoring tools. The role and purposes of media in the instructional process, attributes of various types of materials, criteria for selection and evaluation and production of basic conventional teaching aids such as handouts, charts and overhead tranparencies and new technology such as designing teaching blog, delivering multimedia rich content through internet and the use of social networking to enhance communication skill.
3. Development, utilisation and evaluation of innovative problem solving and simulation approaches.
4. Issues – organisational, cost, time, planning and management consideration.
5. Evaluation of isntructional media, computers, interactive videos and educational software and hardware and effective utilisation of these learning resources.

Assessment: Coursework 70%  Examination 30%

Online Resource

1. Computer Art and Technology Page at
2. Classnetwork.Net at


1. Dr Leong Yong Pak
2. Dr Zahari Hamidon


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