ID Objective

PF 3414 – Interactive Design for Teachers
1. Dr Zahari Hamidon
2. Aminatol Norilah Hj Abdullah


This course aims to provide students with an understanding of the main theories and method of designing interactive design for online and offline learning applications to be used in teaching and learning in the primary and secondary schools. The main intention of this course is to equip students with skills of visualizing and designing information structure based on the topic in a subject for primary or secondary curricula. It is intended to integrate the principles of user interface inside their prototype programme to create an effective content delivery system to the learner.

B. Assessment:

1. Examination: (40%)(two-hours paper)

2. Coursework (Group): (60%)

1. Proposal 15%
2. Documentation 55%
3. Final presentation 15%
4. Online Discussion (Individual)  15%

Project work (Submission)

1. Teaching Blog Production – compile to SWF and upload to blog
2. Working files (FLA) – Upload to your blog
3. Documentation (to be stored in CD ROM)
4. Proposal (PPT and DOC files)

Analysis on:

1. User task
2. User Action
c. Flowchart
d. Storyboard

(You are required to upload all documents to your teaching blog)


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