Creative Industry & Cultural Study

AR 4303 – Creative Industry & Cultural Study


The aim of this course is to introduce components of creative Industry in its application to produce creative works that can fulfill the audience needs and market demand. The students will be expose to three main areas in creative industry such as creative practices, creative identities and creative economy. The course will also explore the technology that provides new possibilities for artists and designers – in the creation of their works, as new outlets for their creativity, and as a means of promoting and distributing their work. Our cutting-edge use of digital technologies produces networked performances and cultural experiences.


This course focuses on methods of producing various types of creative products that have market value and applying local content and Brunei culture in the creative products. The course will also focuses on method of branding through creative identities and creative system. Students will observe and study the needs of the local creative product needs. Based on the findings they will produce the creative products from one of the areas i.e. visual arts, digital content and technology and performance art. The students are required to exhibit their works to the public to gain feedback from the audience about their creative products.

A. Projects



  1. Create your own creative works based on all of the category below:
    1. Traditional Craft ( minimum 4 products)
    2. Digital Content (Minimum 1 product)
    3. Visual Arts (Minimum 4 products)
    4. Performing Arts (Minimum 1 product)

GROUP (50%)

  1. Prepare a documentation for Branding / Identity design
  2. Create your own Brand to be copyright
  3. Promote your brand through website or blog, exhibitions and expo – Form the event management committee
  4. Evaluate your CI products (Usability Study)

B. Product criteria

INNOVATIVE design – re-engineering, modification, new design, value added
CULTURAL identity – MIB, your way of life, your religious practice
FUNCTIONAL  – benefit to society


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