3D Animation and Digital Illustration

3D Animation and Digital Illustration

Lecturer: Dr Zahari hamidon

The aim of this module is to introduce 3D visualization in producing 3D animation for the purpose of projecting ideas on character design from sketches to computer in three major animation process comprises of art direction, production and post-production. The student will be exposed to the methods of creating and producing 3D animation by incorporating their creativity based on their storyline. The student will design a character and storyboard and produce a small scale featured movie on a particular topic based on the students’ area of interest.

Module Content
This module focuses on method of planning and designing a small scale featured movie based on their storyline to establish necessary steps in organizing the scenes. The students will be exposed to the method of script writing, designing the character, environment design, staging, and clean-Ups. The students will also be introduced in depth on 3D animation techniques such IK, rotoscoping, camera moves and special effect. Based on the storyboard the student will develop a 3D animation such as short 3D featured movie.

1. Format:
a. Lecture: Lab session                         (2 hrs)
b. Planning session (Tutorial )             (1 hr)

2. Topics will be covered:

  1. Software application      –      Autodesk Maya / After Effect / zBrush
  2. Directing the story
  3. Storyboard design  (Character design, Scenario Design, Compositing)


3.  Evaluation

i. Project (Group of 5)

Coursework :
Group Project
Storyboard design – 30%
End Product – 30% Oral presentation – 10%

Individual portfolio
Character design – 10%
Scenario design – 10%
Environment design – 10%


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